"She possesses a remarkable ability to communicate and engage everyone so that they understand her –
and feel welcome, as well. She works almost tirelessly in any endeavor that she is engaged in – often giving
much more of her time and energy than the job requisite in order to accomplish her own level of perfection that she deems necessary to have her work be a success. She has the personal skills and concentration to accomplish any task or direction that she embarks on in order to see it come to complete fruition. Alicia is a person with energy and stamina - and the drive to see that every detail has attention until the job is finished to her personal level of excellence."
--Carolyn Box, Director of Events & Schools, Texas Bankers Association

“It has always been a pleasure to work with Alicia as I know that she pays
the utmost attention to the smallest detail. From the moment you walk in
the room until the the last minute, her respect for each person is felt individually. It is like she has put on the event just for you, and you know everyone else is feeling the same.”
--Ken Deans, Owner, Liaison Group, Inc.

 “I hired Alicia to help launch SPI Music Fest with our local business partner program and in organizing our volunteer corps. She is immensely resourceful and adept at finding solutions to complex challenges. Her contribution to our huge success in 2007 went beyond simple event and staff coordination. Alicia is a rock star in her own right!”
-- Tim Hayden, President, GamePlan Marketing & Events LLC